Mission Statement

The Francis Parker Drama Club was formed to bring together students that share an interest and a passion for theatre, whether it is performing on stage or working behind the scenes. The club provides a safe place for students to come together and share their enjoyment for the performing arts.

Through the theatrical arts, it is the club’s aim to promote positive social interaction and a safe environment for learning. While we strive to foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts, we also acknowledge the educational power of theatre. Theatre has the capacity to bring about change, provide a cathartic experience, and unify a community.

As members of the Francis Parker Drama Club we will learn to think creatively and critically. We will do our best to reap the benefits of this club by supporting each other, challenging ourselves, and striving to do our best, both on and off stage.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Featuring “Monsters Anonymous” by Debra A. Cole with special  permission from Drama Notebook Link to Drama Notebook

The fourth and final show of the season is quickly approaching! The Middle School show, Things That Go Bump in the Night, surrounds several themes such as monsters, phobias, and fear. The cast and creative team have been  working incredibly hard on this collection of monologues, scenes, songs, and dances, so make sure to send them your support! Please join us on May 21st and 22nd for some spooky theatrical fun!

Tickets are coming soon!

Drama Club Celebration Banquet

This year’s DC Banquet is right around the corner! It will be livestreamed on May 28th at 5:00pm and this year’s theme is black and white. More details will be announced soon!