Jack – Class of 2019Jack Original

US Drama Club President

Jack Morrill is going on his seventh year with the Drama Club. This is Jack’s second year as the Upper School Drama Club President. He has also served as an officer for the past six years. A few of Jack’s jobs as the Upper School President is to co-run the Mentor Program with Claire Harutunian, run Drama Club  and officer meetings, meet with the Francis Parker administration and communication departments to discuss the role of the DC in the community, as well as overseeing the many projects the Club has going on. Jack’s goal for the club this year is Unity. He wants to continue to find ways for the middle and upper school drama students to create a more unified club on campus. Jack’s future plans are to pursue an acting degree in college. He wants to become a professional actor and one day be an artistic director of a theatre company.

Eleni – Class of 2021FullSizeRender

US Drama Club Vice President

Eleni Stavros is going on her 5th year with the Drama Club and at Francis Parker School. This is her second year as the Upper School Drama Club Vice President and she has served on the Drama Club Officer Board for the past three years. A few of Eleni’s job’s as Upper School Vice President include heading the Drama Club monthly newsletter, helping new members adjust in the club, and assisting presidents Jack Morrill and Claire Harutunian with meetings and assignments. Eleni’s goal for this year is Communication. She wants to strengthen the club’s unity and connection by ensuring that all members stay informed of dates, meetings, and changes within the program. Eleni’s future plans include pursuing a degree in Musical Theater and later becoming a working actor and writer, though she is open to any changes that the universe may bring!

Vaughn – Class of 2019Headshot

Drama Club Treasurer/ Tech Club President

Vaughn Melbourn is going on his seventh year with the Drama Club and second year as Drama Club Treasurer and Tech Club President. As treasurer, Vaughn manages and handles profits made from ticket sales as well as concessions and communicates with the Student Government treasurer to make sure all money is being tracked and accounted for in our club account balance. As Tech Club President, Vaughn takes care of tech calls, educating new members, tracking tech hours, and putting together run crews for each show. Vaughn’s goal for the year is to see the Drama Club continue to grow and progress positively in the Parker Community. He hopes that by the time he graduates the Club will have a greater presence on campus and command greater respect from others. Vaughn still looks up to Alumni of the Drama Club as his role models and strives to be as put-together, and professional as them. Vaughn is aiming for a directing degree with a flexible program that will also allow him to tech and design shows. In the future, no matter where he ends up, he hopes to be making a difference whether that is directing a show on Broadway or teaching students like himself to be better people.

Gia – Class of 2020Smiling Headshot w Name

Drama Club Publicist/Head of Marketing

Gia Marino is going on her fifth year with the Drama Club. This is Gia’s first year as an Upper School Officer and she is eager to help the club in any way she can. A few of Gia’s jobs as the Upper School Publicist and the Head of Marketing is to reach out and involve the community in events, shows, and all things Drama Club related. She also co-operates the social media for the Drama Club with the Upper School President. She also creates most of the material for the social media platforms, and assists in getting new members involved in the Club. Her goal this year for the Club is to streamline communication through social media. Gia recognizes that a majority of people now receive most of their information from the internet, and wants to work on making the Club more accessible to those who prefer to get information on the social media platforms. Gia’s future plans are to pursue a musical theatre degree as well as a

Arya – Class of 2022IMG_2306

Drama Club Freshman Representative

Arya Hanumara is going to be a freshman this year. In the middle school, he discovered that drama was his passion. He became a Drama Club member in seventh grade. In eighth grade, Arya became the Historian for the DC. The Drama Club position was an amazing way for him to learn about leadership skills and organization. This year, he is the 9th grade representative for the Drama Club. Some of his duties include: helping the other officer with extra work and helping the freshman class have a presence in the club. His goal this year is to help the Drama Club obtain more affiliations with other clubs on campus. Arya is really excited to be able to take on more leadership roles this year.  He hopes he can be as helpful as possible to others. Arya’s other interests include a love for reading, writing, and playing the clarinet. In the future, Arya would really love the opportunity to assist in shows, and maybe even direct one day.

Claire – Class of 2023pasted image 0

MS Drama Club President

This is Claire Harutunian’s third year in the Drama Club and this is her second year as an officer. This year her position is the Middle School Drama Club President. Some of Claire’s responsibilities are to co-run the Mentor Program with Jack Morrill, meet with faculty and staff to get the support Drama Club needs, and welcome new members. Claire’s goal this year is to get more members participating in the fun Drama Club events, like the Holiday Concert and the Spring Gathering. Claire thinks these events are very important and a great way to bond and learn. She enjoys being a part of the amazing Drama Club family.

Emma – Class of 2023CCC45409-30D3-4ABF-A0DF-B674DB6C04BC

MS Drama Club Vice President

Emma is now going on her third year at Parker and her third year in the Drama Club. This is Emma’s first year as an officer and she is excited to work with all of the other officers. As part of Emma’s job as Vice President, she gets to work closely with Claire the middle school president, and the officers to plan monthly meetings and gatherings, recruit new members, and help with any jobs necessary within the club. Emma’s goal for the year is to work with members on time management since she feels it is a crucial part to having a successful year in and outside the club.

Sree – Class of 2023IMG_0333

Drama Club Historian

Sree Kandhadai is an incoming eighth-grader who has been with the Francis Parker Drama Club for three years. Sree is the DC Historian and this is her first year as an Officer. Sree’s role involves creating the DC brochure and documenting all the activities of the club. One of her goals this year is to work with the newsletters in Parker and ask them to publish a short summary or review of the shows this season. Outside the DC, Sree enjoys playing the piano, fencing, and birding. She hopes to be an ornithologist in the future.