Evan Cain
Class of 2022

Evan Cain Headshot

This will be Evan Cain’s 4th and final year at Parker and in the Drama Club. This is her second year as a DC officer and she is so excited and grateful to take on the role of President. A few of Evan’s jobs as President are to run the Mentor Program, lead all Drama Club and Officer meetings, meet with the Francis Parker administration department to discuss the role of the D.C. in the community, as well as oversee the many exciting projects and activities of the club. Evan’s goals for the club this year are community and love. After this long year of being separated physically, she hopes that by promoting club bonding and togetherness, everyone can feel loved and able to let their true selves shine in the DC environment. Evan plans to pursue a career in Musical Theatre and Film Acting in the future, as well as continue to spread good vibes and love to everyone she meets! ❤ 


Hillary Altes  
Vice President 
Class of 2022

Hillary Altes Officer Headshot

This is Hillary’s fifth year in the Drama Club and her third year as an officer after having previously served as the Marketing/Publicity Officer for two years. That position sparked her passion for theatre marketing and graphic design, which she hopes to pursue in college and beyond. Hillary is excited to fill the role of Vice President this year and she can’t wait to co-run the Mentor program, help plan club meetings, and support the club however she can as we navigate the transition back to more in-person meetings and events. Hillary’s goal this year is to ensure that the Mentor program is run effectively by planning fun, dynamic activities for every meeting. She is looking forward to an incredible last year as an officer and can’t wait to see everything the club accomplishes!


Emma Andersen
President Elect & Webmaster 
Class of 2023

Emma Andersen Officer Headshot

This is Emma’s fifth year in the Francis Parker Drama Club, and fourth year as an Officer. While Emma missed her sophomore year at Parker, she is beyond excited to return to the Parker community and Drama Club as President Elect. A few of Emma’s jobs throughout the year will be to run the club instagram and website, while working closely with the D.C President and Vice President to create a fun and educational environment for all. While Emma remains unsure regarding her college plans, she knows that art and music will remain a crucial part of her studies wherever she may end up. She cannot wait to be a part of this upcoming year with the Drama Club and see what all the lovely members accomplish! 


Michele Rosales    
Junior Vice President  
Class of 2026


This is going to be Michele’s third year at Parker and third year in the Drama Club. Michele is very excited for this year as a Drama Club officer. This is her second year as an officer and some of Michele’s jobs include helping run the mentor program and help organize performance and fundraising opportunities . Michele’s goal this year is inclusivity. Now that everything is getting better she believes that the Parker community should come together and Drama Club is doing that for the students. Michele’s view of her future includes becoming a mathematician and working for NASA. But who knows where life will take her?! 


Maggie Weller   
Secretary & Historian  
Class of 2022

Maggie Weller Officer Headshot

This year is Maggie’s 6th year as a Drama Club Member, and she is so excited to be an officer! Maggie has always been very passionate about theatre, and this opportunity has let her take the next step in her theatre career! As the Drama Club’s Secretary and Historian, Maggie is in charge of documenting anything and everything that happens in the club, from taking notes at meetings to snapping pictures during Drama Club events. Maggie’s biggest goal for the Drama Club this year is to create a more accessible environment for everyone! Incorporating her duties as an officer, she hopes to keep everyone involved and connected, whether they are in the club or just want to know more! In the future, Maggie would like to pursue performance professionally, both in Musical Theatre and Film Acting! She is so excited about what the future holds and cannot wait to keep extending her joy and love of life to those around her! Love to all! ❤


Sydney Kroonen    
Marketing & Publicity  
Class of 2024

Sydney Kroonen Officer Headshot

This is Sydney’s 2nd year at Parker and in the Drama Club. She is honored and thrilled to be joining this incredible team of officers to lead Upper School Marketing and Publicity! She is particularly excited to share this experience with her brother, Graham, who is also serving his first year on the board. As the Upper School Publicist, Sydney’s main job is to get Drama Club information out to students in both the Middle and Upper School by creating flyers about all things Drama Club, writing the monthly newsletter, and more. During her first year on the board, Sydney’s goal is to increase student attendance at Drama Club performances so that the members get their well deserved recognition for all of their hard work. In the future, Sydney is interested in pursuing theatre or journalism, but mostly strives to keep an open mind and positive attitude in everything she does! 


Isabella Devitt      
Marketing & Publicity 
Class of 2026

Isabella Devitt Officer HeadshotThis is Isabella Devitt’s 8th year at Parker and 3rd year in the Drama Club. This is her second year as a DC officer and she is excited for what is to come in her Drama Club career. A few of Isabella’s jobs in marketing/publicity are to make the monthly newsletter and create flyers for upcoming shows and events. Isabella’s goals for the club this year are to have all the members excited for events and shows in the Drama Club. She hopes to see everyone without a mask soon and spread happiness and joy through the Drama Club!


Graham Kroonen      
MS Representative  
Class of 2027

Graham Kroonen Officer Headshot

This is Graham’s second year in Drama Club and first year as an officer. As MS Representative, it is Graham’s job to work with other officers to help plan events, create flyers and board designs, and to promote the club around campus. His goals for this year are to increase Drama Club participation in club events. He believes this will improve the club community, especially after the pandemic. Graham hopes to help improve the club and make it even more fun for everyone!


Olivia Manning       
MS Representative  
Class of 2027

Olivia Manning Officer Headshot

Olivia has gone to Parker since kindergarten. This will be Olivia’s second year in the DC, but her first year as an officer. The MS Representative job is to assist other officers in meetings, help plan and promote events, promote the DC itself, and keep the play shelves neat. Her main goal for this year is to be a leader and friend to all the members. She knows that as a younger officer, it’s important for the more senior members to know she has their backs. She hopes to be a trusted leader and friend for anyone who needs help. She wants them to know she is there for them in confidence. Olivia wants to enrich the DC’s community, even though the pandemic has kept most of us apart. She hopes to be an asset to the members, but the officers as well, and hopes this year will be great!