San Diego Theatre Alliance High School Fest

Dramafest is a scene and monologue competition that celebrates the best in high school theatre performances. Students also participate in workshops and master acting classes led by college instructors and acting professionals.

This is the most competitive event held by SDTEA, however, the emphasis and culture of the event focuses on respectful and professional behavior by both students and instructors.


  • 3rd Place in Solo Monologue: Sree Kandhadai 
  • 2nd Place in Duet Scenes: Emma Andersen and Kevin Tobin-Williams 


  • 1st Place in Monologues: Hayden Steiner
  • 1st Place in Scenes: Maggie Weller and Evan Cain
  • 2nd Place in Scenes: Melanie Jimenez and Camille Fundingsland


  • 1st Place in Monologues: Eleni Stavros
  • 2nd Place in Monologues: Kyrah Panfil
  • 3rd Place in Monologues: Gia Marino
  • 1st Place in Duet Scenes: Maddy Considine and Caleb Haberman
  • 2nd Place in Duet Scenes: Vaughn Melbourn and Jack Morrill


  • 1st Place in Solo Monologue: Miles Blue
  • 2nd Place in Duet Scene: Kaelyn Kappes and Bryce Kelety


  • 2nd Place in Solo Monologue: Kaelyn Kappes
  • 3rd Place in Solo Monologue: Jack Morrill